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Confession, I am a DIY addict! Yes, it’s true. Have a look at the boards on my Pinterest or my collection of nick & knacks and a whole bunch of scraps or the ‘one day I shall’ lists and you will be know the level of my addiction.

You Live, You Learn…I’m also thankful to have access to so much talent around me. Army wives are a conglomeration of ideas and are gifted with an artistic touch. I have been blessed to be born an Armybrat. Now, I’m connecting with so many amazing people, thanks to LuckyDuck. It has made me more aware; interacting with the makers, researching the craft, going a step forward than just buying the product. These lessons will continue to perpetuate and inspire my daily life choices.
The joy of DiY!  My passion for D.I.Y. is that there are no rules and the possibilities limitless. The most exciting thing is that feeling one gets from creating, making something crafty out of reclaimed materials, that joy is more important than the actual final results of the work. Don’t you think?

Handcrafted, what’s the fuss?  This handmade, handcrafted, everything different… obsession I have maybe stemming from my addiction. A preference for handmade work over manufactured goods is mostly rooted in my aesthetic choice for wanting something unique, something that has a story, something not boring. That energy isn’t found in most store-bought goods, but almost always when you are supporting a maker.


That’s why I love handmade, I buy handmade, I make handmade and I sell handmade.

Hey, before I forget…A special thanks to you guys, every time you buy from LuckyDuck you support the Artist. Let me know how you feel about that ?



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