Puppets of Rajasthan : Purple

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Purple Puppets Plat Time !!

These puppets come to life as they dangle on strings. Each one is handcrafted in Udaipur by native artisans continuing the kathputli tradition of Rajasthan. Besides being an interesting medium for storytelling or to amuse little brats in your house, these puppets serve all too well as an interesting element to your home.

Sold in pairs.

Also available in 5 other different colors – See this !!

Handcrafted with mango wood and fabric.

Approx 18-20″ and 350 gms.

The items in this category are handmade and unique. These might differ slightly from as seen on screen.

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Product Description

The Ancient Art of Story Telling

The tradition of puppets is almost 3000 years old, based on folk stories and folk believes.  Puppet shows have been the oldest form of entertainment.

The colourful string puppets of Rajasthan are made of wood and cloth. The head of the puppets are carved out of wood and coloured according to characters they depict in the episodes. Strings are attached to the head for manipulation. The faces are usually painted yellow, white or any light colour with large eyes and kumkum on forehead. It is jeweled with ornaments in the neck. The attires of female puppets resemble the traditional Rajasthani garbs, including ghaghra, choli, and odhni, while male puppets are dressed in achkan and long kurtas, inspired from the Rajput dressing style. The body up to the waist and hands are made of stuffed rags, cotton or cloth bits. The hands have no joints unlike the other string puppets of India. The absence of legs is not noticed due the long trailing skirt made of colourful cloth. Popular legendary stories like Amarsingh Rathore are enacted with folk music of Rajasthan.


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