Hoot- Hoot Mobile Pouch


Simply adorable smartphone pouches, for those who want something unique and different!! Instead of the run-of-the-mill mass-produced covers, chose a handmade designs for your phones.

  • Handcrafted patchwork, with a vintage feel
  • Material: cotton fabric, glass beads
  • Colours: Shades of greys, blues and Pink, Zip and inside cotton lining is pink
  • Dimensions: H11 x W8 cm
  • Region: Made in India

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Product Description

The average amount one spends on their phone these days is probably higher than what we spend on our entire grocery bill. Smartphones are flooding the market like crazy, and each day brings about a new tech revolution. And while the phone interiors get smarter – it seems the exterior gets more and more delicate. Scratches on the touch screen are a real put-off.

Today there are some pretty cool options for people who want something unique and different. Instead of the run-of-the-mill mass produced covers, you can find quaint and handmade designs for your phones. With hand-painted, knitted, crochet and crafted options, you can even contact the designer or artist to customize designs for you. The pricing is most economical too.

The recent trend of owls has picked up on a new level of design, playing off of vintage styles with a modern day twist that makes them fascinating and simply adorable from everything home decor, holiday ornaments, fashion and party decor.

We can’t seem to get enough of Owls, can you?


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