Emerald Green mobile bag with Zardozi Motif


An enviable traditional wear wardrobe is an important concern for every desi girl. Apart from the clothes, there’s another important component that is an equally integral part of an Indian wardrobe — the right clutch.

Jeweled colours like ruby, emerald and sapphire are the most resourceful colours in a traditional wardrobe, which makes these intricately embroidered bags a smart investment. This vibrant pick with its superior craftsmanship, promises to make a traffic-stopping statement.

Measurements in cm: with ring 25 x9, without ring 16×9

Colour: Gold Zordozi motif, Ruby Red/ Emerald Green/ Sapphire Blue

Material: Silk

Region: Agra, India

Own a hand-crafted piece of art and support local artisans.

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Product Description

The Zardozi style meaning embroidered with gold string has been a part of Indian history since its primordial origins, in the millennia of the Rig Veda. Seeing resurgence during the Turko-Afghan Sultnates of the 12th century, the style reached its penultimate patronage during the reign of Akbar the Great and the Mughal Empire. It became equally popular with the wealthy Hindu, Muslim and European elite down the ages. Traditionally the embroidery work was carried out by only men. This style is finding its way onto more trendy styles and contemporary accessories.

Zardozi clothing in all its regal glory is preferred for formal occasions and weddings. Apart from that, it is a regular fixture in any ramp show involving ethnic Indian wear. Even the French shoe designer Christian Louboutin couldn’t resit it !!


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