We can’t seem to get enough of Owls…. Can you?

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Have you noticed how popular Owls have become? I feel like over the past few years, I have seen them on clothing, purses, wallets, in paintings, as lamps… You get the idea!

Unknowingly I have been sucked into this trend too. Well, more so because of my daughter, I think. She loves all this owl, I realized this when her aunt bought her a Chumbak owl backpack saying that she thought of her when she saw it, Imagine!

Our house is pecked with little trinkets, ring, slippers, T-shirts, key-rings, bags …

Like this Height chart we got from Accessorize

Height Chart

Or this Coin Box she was gifted by Aunt. Among all the animals available in this Shantineketan Leather Money Bank, she went for the Owl…

Coin Owl

It’s no secret that the popularity of owls in fashion, clothing and cuteness has exploded over the past few years. There’s a ton of Pinterest boards dedicated to cute owl designs, Chumbak has them in several products and along with many, many crafty folks making the cutest owl-based creations.OOCD
Mr Owl can see right into the very thoughts and dreams of those it chooses. So where did this craze start? It’s hard to say. Maybe Harry Potter’s immortal pet that is full of magic and power, left us spell bound?? I loved this Art by Brittney Lee.


The point is one can see him everywhere, Mr Owl . The wise and all seeing creature, a symbol of power and wisdom. Where will this craze end? The popularity still seems to be growing, with more designers featuring these feathered cuties.


As always, Lucky Duck brings some handpicks goodies for you enjoy!!

From the American folklore of the Old Wise Owl- Mr Owl.  Being handmade each one has an individual character of its own…


Sold Out

Hoot-Hoot- Tring-Tring !! Check out these Mobile pouches, keeps your smartphone scratch free…

Mobile case

Click here for more info or to buy these Mobile Pouches.

A Denim Cross-body Sling for those on the move, with the Traveling Owl for company…


 Click here for more info or to buy these Cross-body Slings

The Wise Owl, in tweed helps you organize, for coins, makeup or jewelry…


  Click here for more info or to buy this Coin Pouch.

Animal Patchwork have always been on top of my list, I looked and looked and found just one ,Sleepy Owl Patchwork Cushion Cover…


Click here for more info or to buy this Patchwork Cushion Cover.

 Please note: as the item is entirely handmade it may vary slightly from the photographs thus making each animal unique individual.

Let us know which ones you like, and share your Ullu madness with us …

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