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Baby-wearing simply means holding or carrying a baby or young child using a cloth baby carrier. It is a skill and like all other skills it needs training & practice. Many baby-wearing techniques can be learned in just a few minutes. Some techniques, such as carrying a baby on your back, take more time and practice to master, but the extra effort is rewarded with liberation and increased comfort.


Here are some videos from youtube that can help understand the baby-wearing technique.

How to Wear a baby sling by Daryl Diredger

Cradle Carry

Cradle carry an infant Mod Mum

Baby Slings by cheeky

How to use a pouch sling

Front Carry

Front Carry by Mod Mum

Hip carry

Hip Carry by Mod Mum

Hip Carry by Beanstalk

Few Tips

Star by determining how the baby prefers to be held in the arm, then mimic the same position with the carrier. This is a major advantage of unstructured carriers is that they can be adjusted to satisfy even the fussiest of babies.

Positioning in a baby in the carrier looks tricky and is a bit of a learning curve. Just keep calm. Take a break and try again later when you and your baby are well rested. Practice, start with short durations and soon will be a pro.

Mastering carrying your baby in a sling is a learned skill that requires your patience and willingness to practice.  When using the carrier for the first time please make sure you are over the bed, and in front of the mirror.

Here are some more resources to assist you into baby-wearing !!


Please share other interesting & informative resources and help encourage Baby-wearing!!

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