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This Diwali I decided to do something special for all the fans of LuckyDuck. LuckyDuck has been an adventure so far and I wouldn’t have been able to reach where I am without you guys.

Thank You!

I thought a lot about the best way to repay all the love, affection and encouragement that you guys have given to me.

And you know what?

What better gift than to giveaway my current favorite product in our store, the LuckyDuck Zardozi Potli .

And so I launched the giveaway contest on the 15th of this month. As promised, today, the 21st we revealed the lucky winner.

And the winner of our very first giveaway is …. <drumrolls please> .. Vidhi Gulati !

Many Congratulations to Vidhi and a big hug and thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway this week.

Note : A little about the method I used to choose the winner. I took the entire list of people who had commented, liked and/or were tagged by their friends and created a list in MS Excel. I then used the built-in random function. Once that process was run, the FIRST name on the list was declared the winner.  

This was our very first giveaway, and hopefully the first of many more to come, so keep watching this space.  Just because you didn’t win this time doesn’t mean you can’t win the next time!

Didn’t win but want the Zardozi Potli??  Check out the LuckyDuck Shop !!


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