Want the Best Baby Sling ? Look for these 7 things…

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Buy a baby carrier that helps you ACE CALM!!
Appropriate , Comfortable, Easy,
Convenient, Affordable, Looks good & Machine Washable …

keep calm and carry on

Appropriate: a sling that is suitable for you that fits you right the first time.

Comfortable: the design should be easy on your shoulder and have a generous pouch area for baby. You’ll want leg padding so that baby is comfortable in the hip positions too.

Easy: You’ll want a sling that is easy to use. A pouch-style sling is easy. All you have to do is slip it on and pop baby in. No loops, no buckles, no assistance required to wear it.

Convenient: Look for a sling that is small enough to keep in your diaper bag so you’ll always have one when you need. You don’t need another big contraption to add to the many things you already have to carry.

Affordable: One of the best reasons to buy a sling is that it’s something you’ll use from birth to three years. These slings can be used as a nursing cover, a diaper changing mat and a blanket, too.

Looks Good: There is a reason why slings are popular with celebrities ?! they make you look good. Something that shows off your baby and hides your belly? It’s a win-win. Choice of many colours and fabrics, so you can even make a fashion statement with them.

Machine washable: Babies spit up and drool; you’ll want something that you can wash-and-wear.


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